Whether it’s cases involving traumatic injuries, slips, trips, or falls, TLS FORENSIC engineers examine accidents based on testimony, police reports, and on-site experimentation.  Our engineering team objectively reviews the medical records and imaging, and performs biomechanical simulations to determine what really happened … and why.  TLS FORENSIC tells you what you need to know.

Mechanism of
Injury and Trauma

When bone breaks or soft tissue tears, the way it’s injured is unique to the forces or accelerations that caused it. Was the injury from a twist, a crush or a bend? Our engineers can tell you. More

Biomechanical Simulation
and Animation

TLS FORENSIC has expertise with state-of-the-art technology to quantify the loads acting on the body from external sources, such as falls or collisions with automobiles. More

Accident Reconstruction

When the incident involves one or several automobiles, TLS FORENSIC engineers can reconstruct the accident based on testimony, police reports or on-site inspection and experimentation. More


Epidemiologists put the specifics of an injury or trauma into larger context. Using national level and international data, we quantify the risks involved in the incident in question. More

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